Dixon Salt Opticians

Situated in the heart of Worthing with a second practice just north of the South Downs in the delightful town of Storrington, I have been providing a personal service for over 30 years. Along with continuity you also benefit from the comprehensive eye examination that is so essential to maintain good sight and healthy eyes. Hundreds of quality affordable frames means there is a style that will completely suit you, supplied with all types of lenses from high-power extra-thin bespoke varifocals to simple standard single vision lenses - with prices more competitive than you might think.

With a full range of Lantern Tests for Colour Vision available (Holmes Wright, Giles Archer, Fletcher CAM Clini-Lantern) you can be assessed for occupational requirements including Pilots and the Armed Forces while Confusion Tests (Farnsworth D15, HRR) are available for Fire Service requirements.