Lytham Eyewear Opticians

We are ZEISS and SEIKO specialists. Single Vision Lenses. Single vision lenses have the same power across the lens and provide a single focus for either distance vision, near vision or intermediate vision. Bifocal Lenses. These are great for both distance and near vision, for example, watching TV or reading the paper. Varifocal Lenses. Are multi-vision lenses, suitable for distance (driving/TV), intermediate distances such as reading shelf edge labels, the computer and for bridge. They are also used for close distances, for example when reading. To find out more, Follow the link here: "Back Surface Varifocals". As a time-served lens surfacer I know exactly how lenses used to be made 30 years ago and am still surprised to see people putting up with the old designs. With cutting-edge advances in lens design, progressive lenses permit faster and easier adaptation.