Loftus Optical

The leading causes of blindness in the UK include, Macular degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts and Diabetic eye disease. A quality eye exam starts with listening to any symptoms you may have and then tailoring the eye test to suit your eyes, making sure you get the best possible vision and health checks your eyes require. The eye exam should include careful checks for all the above eye conditions. I can give you this complete eye examination. My name is John Prouse, I am the Optometrist at Loftus Optical.

I offer a quality full service eye exam with great technology to look after one of your most precious senses, your vision. If you care about your eye sight and the eye sight of your family I write regular articles on how to look after your eyes and your children's eyes in my eye care newsletters. The articles are free for my patients and anyone else in the world who wants to look after their vision.