David H Myers Opticians

We clearly live in extraordinary times. The size and speed of the credit crunch has taken us all by surprise. So what about us at David H Myers Opticians? Well, we have always chosen to maintain interest in the unbranded market, despite enjoying tremendous success selling branded and designer collections such as Cartier, Chanel, Tiffany and Lindberg that are exclusive to us for both adults and children. We have absolutely no intention of abandoning this market, in fact its quite the opposite. There is no doubt that buying a new pair of spectacles does create a feel good factor for most wearers regardless of whether it is a designer or generic frame that you choose.

It is very rare these days to see so many dispensing opticians employed by one Company but David has found that this helps us, an independent company to continue to provide the quality service and professional advice that our patients have been accustomed to over the last 30 years.